about me

As a therapist, my mission is to support clients in connecting with their most authentic selves and living an examined life. To me, that usually means naming and accepting unconscious thoughts and feelings that unknowingly guide behaviors and using that knowledge to let go of unsatisfying automatic patterns and make more informed and flexible life choices. 

I hail from New York City where I was trained in relational psychodynamic psychotherapy, as well as in more structured therapy approaches, such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). Practicing out of Los Angeles has exposed me to more body-focused techniques, which has helped my clients to integrate the insights gained from our 'talk therapy' work into their embodied experience

I offer individual, couples, family, and group therapy

across the lifespan. I am currently pursuing requirements for licensure as a  Clinical Psychologist under supervision in Northeast Los Angeles.

I am currently a member of the board of the Group Psychological Association of Los Angeles (GPALA).


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Amanda Lomanov, Psy.D., PSB94024291

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